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I can operate tours in English, Spanish and German.

Fascinated by the adventures of explorers, travelers and scientists, and always curious to find out more about the world and foreign cultures, I was already organizing smaller and larger trips first around Poland, then in Europe, and eventually around the world. Spending time in the Faroe Islands and Shetland, and on the way to Iceland, I was already thinking about how to get to Greenland. My fascination with foreign cultures and languages​​, unforgettable scenery, the desire to meet new people, their lifestyles and work led me to South America, then Asia, Africa, North America, Australia and finally to the Antarctic. I was lucky to come across fascinating people: be it an encounter with a shaman in the Amazon or a sheikh in the desert. Each expedition brought new friends and new experiences.

Work and study


I have lived, studied and worked in various places in Europe and the world: in London, Dublin, Hamburg, Utrecht, Berlin, Barcelona, Helsinki and Los Angeles. I completed university degrees in two majors: International Economics in Hamburg and International Marketing in Utrecht. But that was still not enough .... so I did an MBA (graduated with honors) in Interpersonal Studies.


I obtained my first tour guide license soon after graduating from high school by doing a two-year Tourism Services course in 1995. I worked as a tour guide, thanks to which I got the chance to study other subjects. After graduating I started working professionally but I could not sit still. After several years, and much richer in experience, I returned to tourism and guiding. Intercultural Management, "traveling between cultures" – dealing with problems and stress in foreign cultures is my specialty, after all ... problems are there to be solved, right?


I find inner balance and peace in the Indian school of yoga, preferably in India or China. This is something I learned in the past by working in the largest tourist companies, such as TUI, Thomas Cook and Neckermann.


I am the sports type – I am also a spinning instructor and passionate about cycling. Each tour –  whether private or corporate – leaves me with unforgettable memories and experiences...


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